The Backup Catcher, World Series Recap Edition

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If you only listen to one episode of the Backup Catcher Podcast, make it this one. Brian and Van offer their thoughts on the World Series (they nag on the Royals some more), discuss various topics like Joe Maddon joining the Cubs, Pablo Sandoval and Chase Headley as free agents, Doug Mientkiewicz as possible Twins manager, play a rousing round of Triple Slash, and give a heartfelt rendition of the season’s final Shelly V’s Stud of the Week of the Ever.

In addition to the above, Van and Brian argue about Brett Lawrie’s value (hint: it isn’t good), and partake in the single greatest America the Amazing this podcast, nay, America has ever seen. Listen!

World Series Recap Edition

There But For The Grace

cardinal-angelI selfishly grieve the loss of baseball yet to come that now never shall come to be.  I fully expected to enjoy watching Oscar Taveras play baseball for the Cardinals for many years.  I mourn Oscar Taveras the baseball player, because I knew not the man.  Deeply meaningful mourning requires a direct emotional connection to Oscar Taveras the person and rightfully should be reserved for close family and friends.  Mine is a more detached sense of loss that comes from sharing the human condition with others.  Inevitably, we all come to know loss, thus we share an ability to empathize in such times.

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Oscar Taveras

Oscar Taveras’ Death Leaves Cardinals Mourning Again


Those are the numbers that comprised Oscar Taveras‘ triple slash line at the end of the 2014 season, his rookie campaign. The organization’s top prospect, indeed one of baseball’s very brightest stars, struggled in his first season in the big leagues, and even a hot finish and impressive postseason cameo couldn’t undo that initial misstep. If you believed in Oscar Taveras, though, really believed, you couldn’t wait until the 2015 season started so the phenom could redeem himself and put that triple slash line in its proper place. With the 22-year-old’s passing announced on Sunday evening, no one will ever get the chance to know if the believers were right.

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Around the Horn: 10-25-14

We ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.

Joe Maddon

“Ultimately I ran out of places where they still let me park my sweet van when scouting for tail. Say, you want a backrub?”

Joe Maddon, on his decision to leave the Rays
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The Backup Catcher, World Series Edition

bart tacos

Royals hate abounds in this edition of the Backup Catcher Podcast, but what’s new?! Brain and the Vanimal discuss the World Series, even going so far as to play-by-play game 2, all the while complaining heartily about how bad Moustakas and Hosmer actually are. You’ll get to hear their thoughts on outgoing Padres hitting coach Tasty Plaintain, the DH rule, and get a lovely dose of Which is More. Example: Which is more? The number of true Royals fans or the number of downloads our silly podcast gets? YOU decide (download now)

World Series Edition

The Backup Catcher Podcast, LCS Edition

alice cooper

Do you bleed Royal blue? Crap Giant brown? Then 2014 postseason baseball is for you! Brian and Van discuss the League Championship Serieseseses, and Brian learns that being harsh on the Royals isn’t actually harsh enough. MIKE MOUSTAKAS SLUGS .360 FOR HIS CAREER. So while mediocrity may fly for the World Series, the Backup Catcher boys strive for marginally better.

LCS Edition

Pat Neshek – Million Dollar Arm



Back in February of this year, the Cardinals took a $1MM flyer on free agent reliever Pat Neshek.  Neshek was coming off a couple of injury-plagued years with the A’s and just looking for a job.  He had been extremely effective when healthy, and betting that kind of money didn’t seem like a terrible idea under the circumstances.

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2014 World Series Preview

Months upon months of hard work, excellence, and theatrics have come down to this–the 2014 World Series. Just as we all totally expected, tomorrow night’s game one will be the first of at least four (but hopefully more) pitting the Royals against the Giants in a battle of who slaps a single somewhere first. The Royals haven’t lost a single game in getting to baseball’s biggest stage (they’re an absurd and unprecedented 8-0), while the Giants have been nearly as ridiculous (8-2) in their own trek to glory. Continue reading