The Backup Catcher, Episode 16

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I think the guys pretty much just talk about bears a lot. Large bears, small bears, that one ninja bear in Japan that can wield a stick. That’s mostly it, just bear talk. They do scathingly discuss Josh Hamilton, and there is a hot, steamy new game called ‘Which is More?’

All in all, they would like to invite you to give a listen to The Backup Bears Podcast, and get your bear on. Also, less Phil Collins this week (disappointingly).

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The Backup Catcher, Episode 15

bailey bale

“With an ERA north of 4.50 this year, Phil Collins might need to get with pitching coach Eddie Money and work on ironing out some kinks in his delivery.”

This quote and more do not await you in this week’s edition of the Backup Catcher podcast, as neither Brian nor Van said it at all. They did however discuss Phil Collins at multiple points, all the wile shunning the pretender Eddie Money all the way. Of course they did also talk about basederball, including topics like the recent slew of injuries to players like Homer Bailey and Handjob Ramirez, as well as Verlander’s struggles, the value of guys going into next year’s draft, and of course, made tribute to Stunnin’ Shelly V. Partake!

Episode 15

The Backup Catcher, Episode 14

pujols imitation

For all fans of Joe Don Baker, this is your podcast. The boys discuss Baker’s illustrious career from his highs of Walking Tall, all the way to the lows of Final Justice. Brian reads his own Joe Don Baker erotic fan fiction, and Van gives a rousing rendition of Joe Don’s famous scene from Congo.

Actually, they only mention Joe Don Baker once really. But it is amazing. Instead listen to them talk about baseball.

Episode 14

Joe Kelly

The Downside of Building From Within

You’re hard-pressed to find an intelligent baseball fan who doesn’t acknowledge the merits of developing a minor league system capable of producing a steady stream of capable, cost-effective big leaguers at this point in time. In years past, this movement wasn’t quite as widely accepted, as free agency and trades were viewed as a perfectly viable way to transform a loser into a winner. Now almost any halfway educated baseball fan realizes the importance of controlling organizational talent for six largely free years of service to the parent team, so the clubs with the best minor league systems are regularly praised for doing their due diligence. The Cardinals have come a long way in this respect since the Walt Jocketty era, and fans and experts alike have been quick to point that out. An angle most people don’t ever consider in this kind of situation, however, is a potential drawback to calling up all this free talent at once—at least in the eyes of the businessmen running the show.

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The Backup Catcher, Trade Deadline Special

Lester Truck

Brian and Van are here to give you a special edition of the Backup Catcher podcast, focusing solely on the wheelings and dealings of this special day. We discuss the Rays’ sad trade return for David Price, Jon Lester going to the Athletics, and Sam Fuld. Join us for exciting ramblings!

Trade Deadline Special

Peter Bourjos

Peter Bourjos for David Freese Revisited

Back in November of last year, John Mozeliak and Jerry Dipoto got on the phone, traded Thanksgiving recipes, giggled about the latest local gossip and ultimately uprooted the lives of four wealthy young men. The trade, which consisted of Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk in exchange for David Freese and Fernando Salas, was universally panned as being a terrible deal for the Angels. Now that we’re over halfway into the 2014 season, it’s time to take a look and see how things have turned out.

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John Lackey

John Lackey, Newest Cardinal Starter

Just a few short years ago, StanGraphs was a brand new blog, and the rare visitors that came our way often had to endure our various poems, ballads and love notes dedicated to a slugging outfielder with a now famous pet turtle. Today, a little bit of StanGraphs lore died with the trade of Allen Craig, and while Joe Kelly is kind of the pitching equivalent of Jon Jay, he too holds something of a special place in our hearts. These were the among the first products of The Great Cardinal Player Development phase, and the team had just committed to those ways when this blog started in 2012. Trading Kelly and Craig for John Lackey is yet another reminder that these products can contribute to an organization in other ways than their on field performance.

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The Backup Catcher, Episode 13

KlumpsFans of drunkenness rejoice! Brian and Van are back this week to bring you slurred updates on players returning from the DL, Ryan Howard’s awfulness,’s crayon-written top 100 prospects list, trade rumors and happenings, David Ortiz’s idiocy, and other ideas and subjects separated by commas. This episode also marks the return of the Triple Slash game, so hear at it!

Episode 13, 7-29-14

The Backup Catcher, 7-22-2014 Edition

Bow and Arrow Trout

It’s been far too long since them backup catcher boys brought you a new episode (no longer than normal, but bear with me here), so get your fix, and your kicks, with the newest episode. In it, host Brian Vaughan and not host Van Shipley discuss their own top 10 players in baseball list, closers, trade targets, and a perfectly timed Cliff Lee fart. If that last thing didn’t make you want to listen, then you sir or madam, are wrong at life.

Episode 12