The Backup Catcher, 7-22-2014 Edition

Bow and Arrow Trout

It’s been far too long since them backup catcher boys brought you a new episode (no longer than normal, but bear with me here), so get your fix, and your kicks, with the newest episode. In it, host Brian Vaughan and not host Van Shipley discuss their own top 10 players in baseball list, closers, trade targets, and a perfectly timed Cliff Lee fart. If that last thing didn’t make you want to listen, then you sir or madam, are wrong at life.

Episode 12

Los Angeles Dodgers (54-45) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (54-44)

10:39 p.m. –BJS: Dodgers win, 4-3 in a very good game. The Cardinals still take two of three for the weekend, and as Brian mentioned, they welcome the Hedonistic Rays to town on Tuesday. The Dodgers travel to Pittsburgh to take on Andrew McCutcheon and the Pirates.

Quite honestly, I think these two teams will most certainly match up in the playoffs. These Cardinals are turning it on to win the NL Central, and the Dodgers are still in a dogfight for the NL West. But both of these teams are playoff-worthy, and there’s no question in my mind we’ll see a best-of series between these two.

Live blogging has been a blast, and thanks to Brian (and Van!) for joining me. Hope you all enjoyed it as well.

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Out of the Park Baseball Review

Out of the Park Baseball 15 Review

Every year, StanGraphs likes to take a moment to review the latest copy of Out of the Park Baseball, an absolutely top-notch baseball simulator. Personally, I’ve been playing the various iterations of the game for a good decade, and fellow staff member Brian Vaughan is not far behind me at all thanks to me introducing it to him, which is probably the best thing that could ever happen to anyone.

This year, OOTP 15 hit the market, and after a few months of playing it, we can happily endorse this fantastic game more than ever. I would literally set up a stand on the corner of a busy New York City intersection and peddle digital licenses to the public — the game is that good. Anyone with an appreciation at running a baseball team, reliving baseball history, or even handling in-game strategy on a day-to-day basis will be knee-deep in bliss after just a few minutes of immersion in OOTP.

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Adam Wainwright Honors Jeter With Groovy Cookie

The cookie presented to Jeter by Wainwright

Video evidence clearly shows that Jeter picked up a hit against Adam Wainwright to start the 2014 All-Star Game.  Some like me feel like the pitch was “grooved”.  The actual level of “grooviness” may merit debate, but let’s pretend that the arbitrary designation matters little for the moment.  Throw a non-incendiary device at the fat part of the plate, and Jeter will likely inside-out that ball into right field.  He’s done this a thousand times before.  The outcome had a somewhat unwelcome but familiar feel to it.  Jeter took Waino to the opposite field.  Done.

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The Backup Catcher, 7-15-2014 Edition

Cleveland Vampires Logo

Home runs! Not home runs! The Toddfather! All of these things and more await you in this edition of the Backup Catcher podcast. Brian and Van go over the results of the Home Run Derby (and the results of their bet), talk about the Mets, play some trivia, and discuss year end predictions as well. Also there is a shit-ton of talk about LeBron James and the Cleveland Vampires. Listen at it!

Episode 10

Player Journals: Pedro Alvarez

Baseballs Am Fun! by Pedro Alvarez

Baseballs Am Fun! by Pedro Alvarez

Are you ready at baseball? Pedro always ready to have at baseball!

Since Pedro was little boy he was always hitting at the baseball. “Stop that with some thing!” That’s what Momma Pedro would say. “Stop your baseball swing at doggies!” Pedro would just laugh and laugh and laugh. Doggies did not go very far when hit with baseballs swing.

Now Pedro given at money to hit baseball. Swing and swing Pedro goes!

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Yadier Molina Injury Hobbles Cardinals

A Yadier Molina injury was the very last thing the Cardinals needed, and yet here it is thanks to a cruel twist of fate likely propagated by a Brewers-loving baseball deity. Molina initially messed up his thumb on Wednesday being all Molina-ish while sliding into third, but concern seemed minimal in the moment. Despite Molina exiting the game, his near-insistence on continuing through the contest made the whole thing seem like a precautionary move. This turned out to not at all be the case, as Molina tore a ligament in his thumb and will now miss eight to 12 weeks, a time frame which comprises much or all of the remaining season. Continue reading

The Backup Catcher, 7-9-2014 Edition

all star game
Did you vote in the All-Star game for your favorite player? If so, you probably voted incorrectly. Allow Brian and Van to tell you who really should be going to the midsummer classic with this groundbreaking episode. In it, you will also find Jake Peavy trade rumors, Brett Anderson love, fantasy player valuations, and a very special interview with 7-time Oklahoma Collegiate short story something, something winner Bryan Smith!

Episode 10