Bochy Plays Chess While Matheny Plays Checkers

rogers-hornsby-quoteThe Cardinals were already out-manned and outgunned going into the NLCS, and then Mike Matheny was outmaneuvered and outdone by Bruce Bochy.  If you really think that baseball moves and countering moves somehow parallel the action in a chess match, then you should know that Mike Matheny probably doesn’t play chess, bro.  Bochy went with the Ponziani Opening while Matheny was trying to figure out how to double jump a bishop while sacrificing red pawns.

Advantage, Bochy and the Giants.

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Double Wild Card Era Alters Competitive Landscape

Probably Not A Real Quote

Probably Not A Real Quote

For just the second time since the introduction of the Wild Card system, two Wild Card teams will meet in the World Series.  What first appears on the surface to be an anomaly of sorts may actually be representative of things to come.  The current incarnation of the Wild Card system has shifted something difficult to quantify in favor of the Wild Card winners.

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Around the Horn: 10-15-14

We ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.

Pedro Martinez

“Sometimes, there am a way to go after the ugly goat. You have to pre-order
when the little man offers you a deal. Don’t turn him down! Follow you dreams to always.”

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The Backup Catcher, 10-8-14 Edition

Tom JonesNeither rain, nor sleet, nor idiocy in not understanding how the uploader works will stop the Backup Catcher Podcast! So we are a little bit late with this one… what are you going to do about it? This episode contains tons of seething hatred for the Royals, predictions for both the AL and NL Championship Series, a new segment called ‘Ask a Lady,’ and many more old favorites!

10-8-14 Edition

PostCards From The Ledge

Go ahead and JUMP! (jump)

Go ahead and JUMP! (jump)

Generally speaking, Cardinal Nation excels at excessive hand-wringing and waiting for the sky to fall.  We’re simultaneously overly skeptical and persistently optimistic.  We know full well the bountiful joy of seeing our beloved team reach the playoffs with regularity, but we also know the sadness of watching the team fall short.  The fullness of our collective experiences may help explain why we seem eternally positioned at the proverbial ledge ready to broad jump.

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Late Game Heroics Propel Royals Ahead 2-0 Going Into Game 3 At Home


October 5th, 2014.

Coming off of two improbable victories over what most analysts refer to as a better team, Ned Yost and the surging Royals had one piece of advice for the Angels: be really shitty. “My goal, as manager,” Yost claimed, “is to do everything in my power to make the Royals fail. Sometimes it works and we lose lots of games, kinda like the last 30 years or so, and other times it finally works out and we win a lot.”

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The Backup Catcher: 9-30-14 Edition


If you want to hear baseball talk. Then this is the podcast for you. There is far less silliness involved in this episode (though it isn’t eliminated, that would be silly), and Brian and Van bring to you their playoff predictions, 2014 award winners, top 20 fantasy players for 2015, and even more!

9-30-14 Edition


2014 MLB Postseason Preview

Just like that, the 2014 MLB postseason is upon us, and with little warning we have a rather intriguing set of teams prepared to entertain us over the coming month. If Tuesday night’s absolutely bizarre wild card game between the Royals and A’s is any indication, we have a lot to look forward to as eight teams continue their march toward immortal glory or perhaps complete and total retroactive anonymity. This is the time of the year when sentences like, “wow, did you see what Shane Spencer did last night?!” become a reality we would have never expected. It’s time to predict the action, because we love predictions that are doomed to certain futility. Continue reading


Bold Predictions for the National League Division Series

Lo, it is time once again for the start of the National League Division Series, pitting the St. Louis Cardinals against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is not an unusual matchup, as they faced each other last year, and it seems like this playoff picture has happened a lot over the past decade. Continue reading