The Show remains baseball gaming's gold standard.

MLB 14: The Show Keeps Series At The Top

MLB 14: The Show marks the ninth iteration of the hugely successful game franchise for the Sony family of entertainment systems. As an avid fan of both video games and baseball, this also happens to be the ninth time that I have purchased the game on the product’s release date. So from being unable to make a throw to second base with a runner going from first (it always resulted in a slow throw and everyone safe) to the beautifully crafted and accurate swing of Mike Trout, I’ve been there through both the good and the bad of this franchise. How does MLB 14: The Show stack up to previous versions, notably the universally acclaimed 2013 edition? Read on to find out! Continue reading

The Beginning (Part 4, Years Later)

Two years after the last new addition to the StanGraphs staff, we present to you Van Shipley! Van worked alongside the StanGraphs crew many years ago on a long-defunct site we still refuse to name on these pages, and he will bring more of the same insight, humor, and debauchery that you’re all so used to resignedly dealing with when visiting. Continue reading


The Backup Catcher: Episode 1, Part 2

We present to you the second part of our first Backup Catcher podcast, with this portion focusing largely on fantasy baseball. We might have spent too much time complaining about our own fantasy players and/or boasting of our regal accomplishments. But whatever. Episode one was hosted by new staff member Van Shipley (more from this fellow soon!) and me (Brian). Spencer and this same duo will be back for episode two next week! Thanks for listening and let us know you think and what else we can do to please you. Ew.

Episode 1, Part 2


The Backup Catcher: Episode 1, Part 1

We are ushering in a new era here at StanGraphs, as we’d like to present to you our new podcast venture, The Backup Catcher! The first episode is hosted by our new staff acquisition Van Shipley and me (Brian). Because we couldn’t find it in our hearts to just shut up, episode one is divided into two parts, the second focusing largely on fantasy baseball rather than the real thing. So here’s part one, complete with a recap of our 2014 predictions, random trivia, a pretty intense drop (that’s industry talk, we guess), and an obviously post-recorded outro.

Episode 1, Part 1

Ball's gonna be fast.

Carlos Martinez and His Delicate Development

Carlos Martinez is only 22 years old. Sometimes that’s a difficult fact for me to keep in mind when I’m busy complaining about how he isn’t rounding out the Cardinal rotation. When the team made the decision to slip Joe Kelly into the five spot and make Martinez the nominal eighth inning man at the end of spring training, I just couldn’t help but shake my head in disgust. Why would a team with an arm like Martinez’s opt for Kelly’s low ceiling and defiant abuse of indicative peripherals instead? Continue reading