The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 11

Burrowing Asp

Wha? A weekend edition of the Backup Catcher Podcast AGAIN?! It must be yet another glorious blessing from the almighty Mors: The God of Fantasy Baseball! Listen in as Brian and Van discuss baseball including a fightin’ version of Yea or Nay, Triple Slash with awful players, James Shields speculation, and a first for the Backup Catcher, a live draft pick!

Offseason Episode 11

The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 10

banditWha?! A weekend edition of the Backup Catcher Podcast?! We must have all died painful deaths and ascended to take our rightful places in heaven because this is too good to be true! This week Brian and Van talk briefly about baseball. Then they devolve into discussions about the Braveheart Bandit, Phil Collins, and I guess some more baseball stuff like a rousing rendition of Would You Rather?

Offseason Episode 10

Throw Like A Girl? No.

Sarah Hudek - Bossier Parish Community College commit

Sarah Hudek – Bossier Parish Community College commit

“You throw like a girl” has been casually tossed around in varying forms as an insult likely since the time of our hunter-gatherer predecessors.  Maybe a young woman was meandering through a lush forest with her nomadic tribe, saw a rabbit, and threw a rock at it that missed just a little high.  Blowing an opportunity to help feed her family brought much shame, and her father vowed never to let her hunt again.  His word was final, and the smallest of sample sizes beget a stereotype passed down through the ages.

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The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 9


We at the Backup Catcher Podcast pride ourselves on providing timely baseball talk and information, and this weeks episode is no exception. We talk about current happenings like Max Scherzer’s contract, the Miami Marlins looking into Ichiro Suzuki as an old player, the Dexter Fowler trade, and other notable events that all happened right now and not at all two weeks ago. Also there are witchdoctors!

Offseason Episode 9

The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 8


This week brings a new segment to the Backup Catcher podcast, as Brian and Van take on opposing viewpoints in Yea or Nea(tm)! There is also discussion of Billy Beane’s continually confusing trades, the yearly award winner’s ability to repeat or die, and the new dynasty league the boys joined. All in all it is a very serious podcast with nothing but baseball talk.

Just kidding! They also talk about the meat hierarchy, Noah’s ark, and wyverns.

Offseason Episode 8

Big Lynning Set Up For Big Payday

lynningThe Cardinals have just signed Lance Lynn to a 3 yr / $22MM deal, and that’s a fine thing.  To say that they just “locked down” Lynn seems to bring with it a sense of hyperbole though.  Lynn was slated to be a Cardinal for the next 3 years anyway, so the real issue was haggling about the price.  Since buying out arbitration years is standard industry practice for many organizations, this deal comes as no surprise.

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Catching Cooperstown

Hall of Fame talk? Change the conversation.

Hall of Fame talk? Change the conversation.

Recent mind-numbing debate about Yadier Molina‘s Hall of Fame credentials inspired me to examine what I consider a paucity of backstops enshrined in Cooperstown.  The Cooperstown roster lists only 13 MLB catchers.  There are a few more former catchers enshrined, but some came from the Negro leagues (Josh Gibson, Biz Mackey), and at least one, Wilbert Robinson, made it to Cooperstown as a manager after a mediocre career as a catcher.

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The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 7

baseball manOMG! The Backup Catcher is back LOLZZZZ…. This time, the heat is sufficiently brought as Brian and Van provide insight into the Hall of Fame voting process and all of its faults, determine whether the wild card teams will repeat or die, play the worst game of triple slash ever, and even dish out some which is more!

Also covered: fantasy baseball, Phil Collins, the rapture, Nicolas Cage, Tiger Balm medicated foot powder, and new age statistics.

Offseason Episode 7

The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 6


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good hour long discussion about a Batman villain and Rocky’s coach. This episode of the Backup Catcher has host Brian and annoying voice-man Van discussing the vast amount of deals that were made over the last few weeks, as well as predicting whether or not the NL division winners would in fact repeat or die. The greatest game of Triple Slash ever played occurs (hint: it wasn’t by Van), and some New Year’s resolutions are to be had.

Offseason Episode 6

The Backup Catcher, Offseason Episode 5


Are you tired of not listening to the Backup Catcher Podcast? Do you fear for your life when you don’t hear the soothing voices of one Brian Lee Vaughan and Van Lee Shipley? Do you put the petal to the metal there, guy? Then click here and listen to some savory goodness! This week’s episode brings to your attention the goings-on in MLB, including the Brett Lawrie trade (hey, it’s a weekly show, bear with us), Yankees moves, Nelson Cruz, and Brian and Van scratch their heads (their own, not one another’s) about what it is Billy Beane is doing.

Also more North Dakota talk!

Offseason Episode 5