The Beginning (Part 2)

Writing about baseball has always been something of a natural thing for both Spencer and me. We’ve both been drinking the Cardinal Kool-Aid since childhood, and writing about our experiences with the game (and our team) has been an extension of that passion. What we’re wanting to do here is give you a place to read about the sport in a little bit of a different way. Yeah, we’re going to bother you with advanced statistics, but we’re here primarily as writers. Neither of us has a background in advanced statistics and neither of us will be littering the landscape with charts and tables anytime soon. Not only do we want to try and get our opinion across, we want to be entertaining in the process. We want you to come here to belly laugh just as much as we want you to come here to see what we think of a free agent signing or a major trade. In short, we want you, and you should let us have you.

Having given my thoughts on what StanGraphs will mean to you as a baseball fan and avid scourer of the Internet (look at how confident I am!), I suppose it’s time to introduce myself. Brace yourself, because this part of the entry will be far less interesting. I’m a 27-year-old writer and call center employee hell-bent on becoming the most famous person bearing the name Brian Vaughan. (All the other guy has done with the name is become world-renowned for his comic books and work on the exponentially famous television show “Lost.” Big deal.). Outside of my love for baseball, I also thoroughly enjoy experiencing and writing about music, film, and television. My other hobbies include having a beard, losing to Mormons at ping pong during breaks at work, and trying to impersonate Jimmy Stewart. Prior to my writing and editing duties here at StanGraphs, I used to hold the same positions with a Cardinal-centric site boasting a chicken-based name. I fear I’ve said too much.

I sincerely hope you enjoy getting to know this site and getting to know us as writers. We’d love to have an open forum in which our readers feel comfortable getting in touch with us, sharing ideas, and occasionally calling us names. Now go ahead and bookmark us. You know you want to.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning (Part 2)

  1. Charlie "Jumbo" Copeland

    Do you want to get in the Bloggers Paradise Fantasy Baseball league? 10 guys who have sites and we can use it for content. Draft is 3/29 at 7pm EST

    League: Bloggers Paradise Fantasy Baseball
    Password: BPFB

  2. vaughanbasepercentage

    That sounds fantastic! I will most certainly participate, and I’ll discuss the goings-on of the league frequently here. Thank you for the invite, and I look forward to it!


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