St. Louis Cardinals (34-34) at Detroit Tigers (33-34)

8:43 PM

Well, live blogging is 1-0; we’re taking all the credit for the win, naturally. Jake Westbrook finished this one on quite a roll, retiring the final ten hitters he faced after giving up a double to Delmon Young in the sixth inning. He went nine innings, giving up five hits and an unearned run, striking out five and walking just one. Although he needed 113 pitches to finish the game, he was as locked in at the end as he had been at any previous point. The Cardinal offense singled the Tigers to death, but ultimately they never really got it going. This could have easily been another frustrating loss if it weren’t for Westbrook’s effort, so for one night at least, I won’t be mean to him. One thing’s for certain this season: no matter how bad this team has looked since May 11, they sure as hell will not spend even one day as a sub .500 team. When they sink back to the .500 mark, they get pissed off and win every time. We hope you’ve enjoyed our StanGraphs Live Blogging debut! We’ll be back for more in the near future, and you should join us. Why wouldn’t you? Who could possibly be more fun to hang out with than us?

8:20 PM

The Cardinals take the lead on a line out off the bat of Molina! Jhonny Peralta went up to make the catch, and then… didn’t. Westbrook is back out for the bottom of the eighth with his team leading 3-1. This isn’t a particularly impressive offensive performance altogether, but it’s working so far. I just miss the April Cardinals, I guess. You know, the team that won every game 15-2.

8:00 PM

Skip Schumaker’s career line: .291/.347/.379, 96 OPS+. Willie McGee’s career line: .295/.333/.396, 100 OPS+. McGee did have a few seasons Schumaker could never touch, admittedly, but the love Cardinal fans have for the former is a bit misplaced. Just a random thought. What else are live blogs for?

7:45 PM

Allen Beautiful Craig just bent his wrist at an odd angle into the outfield. Right afterwards Jake Westbrook caught a line drive right at his head. Baseball is trying to kill the Cardinals. I’ll have the readers know I once fractured a bone in my thumb in similar fashion to what Craig just did. I was playing basketball, though. In PE. So the circumstances were a little different, and hopefully the results will be, too. I can’t handle any additional Craig injuries.

7:38 PM

Bases loaded, nobody out for Molina, and he hits the ball sharply on the ground at the shortstop. That’s just about the most guaranteed double play possible. At least they got one and currently have a 2-1 lead. Freese smashed a ball to right that looked like it might get down and drive in another, but then Brennan Boesch made an awkward sort of falling down catch. Personally I thought he was going to get there on a normal run, but apparently he felt like flopping himself onto the field. Wasted opportunity; the Cards have nine hits to go with their two runs so far.

7:28 PM

Austin Jackson has been a monster this year. He has two hits and a stolen base tonight, and he just missed an extra-base hit in the right field corner. But look at his full season stats so far. Coming into tonight’s game, he was hitting .328/.416/.557 with a 13.4% walk rate. He’s got blazing speed, plays a great center field, and has even shown quite a bit of gap power this season. Obviously, Curtis Granderson hasn’t disappointed in New York, but it’ll be interesting to see how the WAR totals stack up between those two when it’s all said and done.

7:19 PM

The Cardinals tie it up in the top of the fifth on a sacrifice fly by Descalso, and could well have taken the lead were it not for the lumbering Matt Adams. Adams had his work cut out for him anyway on a sharp single to shallow left field, but he stumbled a little going around third and the ball beat him by a good amount. Nice to see the Cardinals get some hard hits off Porcello, but they haven’t managed to break out yet. Also, regarding Adams: he’s hitting .136/.191/.227 in 47 plate appearances since May 29.

7:02 PM

Oh, good! Holliday popped up a full-count pitch to start the inning, and that really set the tone for the hitters behind him. Apart from a harmless Beltran single, the Cards weren’t able to do anything at all. Porcello has nine ground ball outs and two strikeouts through the first four innings. He’s throw just 45 pitches, and 29 of them are strikes. Also, Rod Allen just called Adrian Beltre “Bail-tray.” This game is not looking promising.

6:53 PM

Sorry for the long break; I had to eat dinner. Seriously, you guys need to calm down. I didn’t say the live blogging updates would be… frequent. So as I devoured my free fried chicken (it’s a long story involving a Rotary club and my boss), I witnessed a few innings of relatively fast-paced, uneventful baseball. What else can you expect from a pitching match-up of Jake Westbrook and Rick Porcello?

Naturally, the Tigers then struck first. After almost reaching on one stroke of bullshit luck, Gerald Laird proceeded to do it again and bloop a single down the right field lane. Thanks to Descalso’s desire to play soccer, it became a double. Then Austin Jackson took care of the rest, 1-0 Tigers. At least the big Cardinals bats are coming up! Expect more frequent updates now that I finished eating and may well start drinking.

6:15 PM

Whoa, two straight new category posts in a row! We sure are innovative here at StanGraphs. If you didn’t notice the title of this post, we’re going to experiment a little with a “live blogging” format. What that means, essentially, is that Brian or I (whoever happens to be writing that day) will be publishing a post at some point near the beginning of the game and continually update it throughout the process as noteworthy things happen. To simplify it even more, it’s an outlet for us to complain about the Cardinals. No frustrating is ever expressed more aptly than in the heat of the moment, and it’s time everyone got a good taste of just how immature we are when things go wrong. A fair warning: we overreact. We’ll be time stamping each new entry to this post as it updates, putting the newest stuff on the top. With that said, let’s get started!

3 thoughts on “St. Louis Cardinals (34-34) at Detroit Tigers (33-34)

  1. losstangeles

    Seriously, I think I just heard Cal Eldred say the following:

    “I’m sure Chris Carpenter feels a whole lot better about being on the DL after seeing Westbrook go deep in a game like this.”

    You’re right, Cal Eldred. I’m sure the unquestioned ace of this team just said to himself, “You know, being on the disabled list sucks, but seeing Westbrook makes my neck and shoulder feel just a little bit better.” I call bull crap.

    1. Spencer Hendricks

      I heard that, too, and it drew a smirk out of me as well. Westbrook’s performance doesn’t change how Carpenter feels about his own injury. On a side note, welcome to StanGraphs! The invite should be in your inbox shortly. All your Journalism awards don’t mean nothin’ here, son. You’re gonna have to earn your stripes from scratch here!

      1. losstangeles

        Ha ha! I’m excited! Thanks for letting me jump in. The seven Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association awards are far in my past, despite my reluctance to hang on to them as long as possible. I’m currently working on my first submission right now. I don’t know if Brian told you the topic, but I hope it makes for interesting and enlightening reading, as your fans are accustomed to.

        By the way, if I recall, I believe one of those OCPA awards was in sports writing. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.


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