We’re Headed to United Cardinal Bloggers Weekend

If you’re familiar with our traditional posting schedule around here, you might recognize Saturday as a day in which one would go up in this very space around this very time. A proper post shall not be the case on this particular Saturday, however, as your two favorite StanGraphs writers (sorry, Bryan) are headed to St. Louis for what is known as United Cardinal Bloggers weekend.

This will be the first trip to the event for Spencer and me, but I guess that makes plenty of sense as this is our debut season in the Cardinal blogging world unless you count a few forays from the past. We were kindly invited by fellow Cardinal blogger/all-around awesome guy C70 via what future generations will call “the internet,” and we stand to meet a lot of interesting people and have a lot of interesting conversations. Did I mention the part about eating a lot of interesting food? We’ll do that, too.

Upon our return to the home region, I’ll be putting up an expansive travel journal post detailing our sojourn northeast. There are likely to be all sorts of fascinating tidbits of information such as what was eaten, who was harassed, and which bloggers in the Cardinal universe really do believe Victor Marte eats live animals before games. We’re very excited for the opportunity to be a part of this and I look forward to letting you guys know how it went.

Want to check out a little more concerning the event/the group hosting the event? You can read stuff about United Cardinal Bloggers here, and Pitchers Hit Eighth has some idea of what to expect at the event here thanks to ManFridge, our very favorite Twitter friend.

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