St. Louis Cardinals (33-17) at Kansas City Royals (21-27)

10:29 PM: It’s another Edward Mujica autosave and another win! The Cardinals have made it to 34-17 and will make their way home for two more with the Royals. That live blogging record? It’s 4-0, kids. We’re quite essential to our favorite team.

8:32 PM: Tyler Lyons has finessed his way through six innings while only allowing one run on a single hit, and he’s done it while only throwing 72 pitches. Obviously he can’t keep this up, but it sure is enjoyable for now.

8:25 PM: Matt Holliday gave my fingers little time to rest thanks to a gutblast to center that extends the lead to 4-1. That’s three Cardinal bombs today! I have to say, I do love homer binges.

8:22 PM: The scoring drought has officially ended thanks to Matt Carpenter‘s fourth home run of the season, a solo shot to right that makes it 3-1. Yeah! Carpenter has quickly become a StanGraphs favorite thanks to his on-base skills, occasional pop, and ability to play second base without hurting the team. His season line is now a crazy good .309/.392/.455.

7:57 PM: Plenty of hardcore out-making has ensued, and it’s still a 2-1 ballgame as we enter the fourth. Belated pitcher’s duel! What would you do for a Klondike bar?

7:39 PM: Al is all up in Pete Kozma‘s butthole talking about how he’s better than Alcides Escobar. I’m going to lose it.

7:35 PM: Warning: what you’re about to read has nothing to do with this game. What the hell am I even supposed to do with Jeremy Hellickson? That asshole has been sabotaging my fantasy league pitching staff all season long and now I see that he’s already surrendered four runs to the Marlins. The Marlins! This is a team that has a middle-of-the-order featuring Derek Dietrich, Marcell Ozuna, and Chris Coghlan. If I can’t trust a starter against the Marlins, who can I trust him against? I hate Jeremy Hellickson and my mood is ruined.

7:31 PM: More than his goatee, I hate that double Billy Butler just smashed to left center. It’s 2-1 Cardinals. Congratulations to Butler on his 1,000th career hit; he’s a batsman who truly has panned out for Kansas City.

7:30 PM: I actually have a weird affection for Lorenzo Cain, but why in the hell is he hitting third? That’s simply too weird for me to accept. Also, I hate Billy Butler’s goatee. It’s 2013.

7:23 PM: The Cardinals mounted another two-on threat, but a Matt Adams double play and David Freese strikeout put an end to that. Still, I’ll take a quick 2-0 lead before Tyler Lyons roars his way to the mound. (Get it? Because lions!)

7:15 PM: Wha-bam! Carlos Beltran totally just followed up a Matt Carpenter single with a pleasant two-run bomb from the right side. Just like in yesterday’s contest, the Cardinals have a 2-0 lead after two batters. On a side note, why on earth are Dan and Al comparing Marpenter to John Mabry? Batting glove hatred aside, Mabry’s career line of .263/.322/.405 doesn’t exactly match up with the patience Carpenter has shown without fail at each and every stop along the way to St. Louis.

7:10 PM: The annual clash of Missouri teams began yesterday afternoon with an easy enough victory for our very own Cardinals, and the two teams have one more contest in Kansas City before heading east to St. Louis for the completion of this strange four-game series. Yesterday’s win bumps the Cardinals within a game of once again having won two-thirds of their battles, and more importantly it means the Birds still hold the best record in baseball.

Injuries have taken their toll on the St. Louis pitching staff of late, so we’ll see another round of Tyler Lyons this evening as he takes on the much more established Ervin Santana. Lyons doesn’t figure to be a significant part of the Cardinals’ long-term plans, while Santana is enjoying quite a nice bounceback season after being far too generous with letting opposing hitters whack the ball over the fence in 2012. Lyons allowed just one run on four hits while fanning four in his debut against the offensively inept Padres a few short days ago. Meanwhile, Santana is the owner of a beautiful 52/9 K/BB ratio and a 3.14 ERA to match. Will the Cardinals help us extend our live blogging record to a pristine 4-0? Will Tony Cruz actually be allowed to start behind the plate? Who was that David Lough guy who had 19 hits yesterday for the Royals? We hope to answer all of these questions and more over the next three or so hours.

2 thoughts on “St. Louis Cardinals (33-17) at Kansas City Royals (21-27)

  1. losstangeles

    There are so many things I want to say here, so here goes:

    1. At 7:30 p.m., you misspelled Jarrod Dyson. Much more exciting. He’s Dee Gordon with talent and skills.

    2. There is a very distinct reason why Jeremy Hellickson is so bad — he’s from Iowa. Also from Iowa … Joel Hanrahan. I rest my case.

    3. I’m no Royals fan, and my affinity for Cardinal bashing being well-established, there is no way in Nixa that Pete Kozma is better than Alcides Escobar. No way. I assume that’s the point you’re making there, but I just want to say it too … with feeling.

    Darn shame we didn’t have one of these live blogs during the Cards-Dodgers series. Oh, the lulz that could have been ….

  2. Brian Vaughan Post author

    Totally with you on the Kozma/Escobar comparison. No knowledgeable person would even make the argument! As for the Dodgers series thing, do we have another one coming up this season? If not, I’ll be, um, flustrated.


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